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Element 4

In-depth knowledge, international experience


My coaching sessions aim to teach basic skills, prepare decisions and accompany people in difficult processes.

Group 3

Aspiring investors and developers often lack the necessary skillset to successfully implement their projects. The goal is already in sight, but the path is still unclear: What are the tools for promising real estate deals? What hurdle do you have to overcome? Which network can provide support? What are the risks that can be calculated?

My trainings on leadership, project management, financing and structuring are also aimed at experienced inverstors who want to further exploit their development potential.

The task of coaching is not to provide simple answers, but to impart action competence and know-how. I will gladly accompany you on your way to successful and sustainable investments.

  • Respectful encounter at eye level
  • Sustainable knowledge transfer for more action competence
  • Individual monitoring instead of standardized solutions
  • Focus in the area of Mallorca, Southern Germany and South Africa
  • International experience

Coaching questions? You can reach me by mail under hola@marcuslindner.com


As a consultant I support companies, family offices and investors. Due to my in-depth knowledge of various industries, processes, structures and the specific issues are familiar to me and always comprehensible.

Group 4

Do you need support with business processes that need to run more effectively? Are you planning to expand your real estate portfolio and are looking for suitable properties? Do you want to put your next financing on a solid footing with the best contacts in the capital market?

  • Sustainable integrative consulting, also hybrid
  • Structural and strategic consulting on an international level
  • Successful decisions with FORDEC phase model
  • Bundling of different industry expertise
  • Diverse financing structures and models
  • Arranging and structuring senior loans and mezzanine capital

Do you have any questions? Write me an email at hola@marcuslindner.com


In my lectures, in addition to the pure transfer of knowledge, the main focus is on storytelling that provides very practical solutions for everyday inverstor business. I want to convey how I read and live projects in an entertaining and understandable way.

Group 5

How can numerical and decision-making models be packaged in concise textual images that reach the audience and stay in their minds?

I am booked internationally for this demanding task. The direct success is an audience that feels entertained. In the long term, the audience should be able to put the expertise conveyed into practice. With all theoretical basics the practicability in my lectures is always in the foreground.

  • Lectures in German, English and Spanish
  • Sustainable knowledge transfer for more action competence
  • Individual monitoring instead of standardized solutions
  • International experience

Questions about my lectures? You can reach me by mail under hola@marcuslindner.com


The offer is aimed specifically at international investors, entrepreneurs and family offices: My offer includes a wide range of profitable projects, coupled with solid financing options.

Group 2

For successful investments, an in-depth understanding of the projects in question and good contacts in the capital market are essential. For senior financing in particular, decision-makers at the highest level need to be targeted on the bank side. In addition, my clients have access to a network for mezzanine capital, which makes flexible financing possible.

  • Top financing options
  • Best knowledge of the local (real estate) markets
  • Promising projects and real estate
  • Broad network in the capital market

Questions on investments? Write me an email at hola@marcuslindner.com

FORDEC – to get things done

Decision-making in many processes means standstill, blockage or crisis. Decisions are necessary to drive projects or processes forward and bring them to a conclusion.

With the FORDEC model, Marcus Lindner applies a tool from aviation that shows clear structures and solution paths in critical situations.

In the end, FORDEC is a concept that works in the cockpit, in finance and wherever complex and difficult situations need to be mastered with confidence.

Group 6

Finding and initiating a project is easy – managing and successfully completing a project is the challenge.

Marcus Lindner