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Element 4

Always keeping an eye on the big picture in all projects. Steering processes with precision and the knowledge of where the journey is heading: to good investments, stable portfolios and promising properties.


Group 3

My coaching sessions aim to teach basic skills, prepare decisions and accompany people in difficult processes.

Group 4

As a consultant I support companies, family offices and investors. Due to my in-depth knowledge of various industries, processes, structures and the specific issues are familiar to me and always comprehensible.

Group 5

In my lectures, in addition to the pure transfer of knowledge, the main focus is on storytelling that provides very practical solutions for everyday inverstor business. I want to convey how I read and live projects in an entertaining and understandable way.

How can numerical and decision-making models be packaged in concise textual images that reach the audience and stay in their minds?

Group 2

The offer is specifically aimed at international investors: My offer includes a wide range of profitable projects, coupled with solid financing options.

Marcus Lindner

As a trained pilot, Marcus Lindner can bring crucial skills to bear on his assignments and projects. With a great deal of overview and a deep understanding of details for interrelationships, he steers his customers towards the envisaged goal.

The high quality of his consulting is based on his ability to pay full attention to all processes at the same time and to have the goal in mind from the very beginning. Confident, relaxed and always humanly approachable.

Frank D.
Investor and CEO

Current projects